Supporting a Culture of Customer Service with the Tools to Deliver It

By: Colin Martin

Supporting a Culture of Customer Service with the Tools to Deliver It

DCRS Solutions is the largest IT service provider in the St. Louis area, and a leader in Point-of-Sale solutions for the Hospitality & Retail markets. The company has been in business for more than 35 years, and in that time has grown in both size and stature… largely because of the culture of customer service that is built into the company’s DNA.

DCRS Solutions is a company that knows a thing or two about raving fans. In fact, if you visit their web site you will see customer testimonials wherever you look. You’ll also find this video which, if you watch, you’ll wish these are your customers talking about you.

Watch the video, and you’ll hear Theresa Ravens rave, “Even if there’s something you don’t know about during the day, they dial in, they fix it immediately, and it’s wonderful. It’s nice to know you have that backup.”

You’ll also see Patrick Hanon rave, “There was a time when our credit cards didn’t batch, and we didn’t even know about it. They called us and said, ‘By the way, your credit cards didn’t batch, and we took care of it for you.’ I mean, they knew it before we knew it… It was a very secure feeling.”

Of course, it’s DCRS’s dedication to customer service that creates these raving fans. But it’s the Vigilix POS Remote Support solution that gives the DCRS support team the power to do what they do so well.

“I think we must have been one of the very first POS dealers to start using the Vigilix platform,” recalls DCRS President Matt Kramer. “When I made the decision to move into pro-active support, rather than re-active break/fix, I looked long and hard for the right tools. Vigilix was the only software vendor out there offering remote monitoring and management tools specifically for the POS industry. They totally understand my requirements, and that’s why I love them.”

Sounds like DCRS isn’t the only company with raving fans, eh? We’d like to make you a fan too, by helping you to create more raving fans of your own.

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