POS Technology Service and Support

POS Technology Service and Support

VIGILIX: The Backbone of POS Technology Service and Support

Anyone who is familiar with VIGILIX knows that we are the backbone of POS technology service and support. As the only PCI certified remote monitoring and management platform built specifically for point-of-sale, it is our goal to provide awesome service and support to our partners. We work with our partners to deliver unprecedented visibility and proactive support to their customers, enabling partners to thrive at remotely supporting their customer’s point of sale environments.

Let’s take a closer look at what this means and why it’s important for businesses to have reliable and secure POS technology service ands support.

What is POS technology and why does it matter?

As we like to say, POS systems are the technological backbone of an organization. An effective POS system will make the process of tracking sales and customer data simple, as well as increase internal productivity and improve your customers’ overall user experience.

Because technology is always evolving, it’s important to invest in a platform that can keep up with POS changes as they come. Below are high-priority service and support solutions you should look for in a remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform for your POS system.

Pro-Actively Monitor POS System Hardware & Software

When it comes to monitoring your POS system hardware and software, you need a central place to help you keep track of your customers. This will allow you to catch problems before they start to create issues for your customers. A 24/7 platform allows you to keep an eye on all your customers’ mission-central POS hardware and software systems and send alerts as soon as an issue is detected.

PCI-Certified Remote Access

What is PCI-certification, and why does it matter? PCI certification verifies that an organization contains the technical requirements which protect and secure payment card data during processing, handling, storage, and transmission. It lets customers know that your business is trustworthy when it comes to processing payments. VIGILIX is the only PCI-certified platform for remote access, as no other remote-control platform has passed the PCI-DSS security review.

Protect Critical Customer Data

Protecting customer data is crucial for any operation. That’s why you need a platform that can help you do so by automatically collecting customer data and securely copying it to the cloud. In the event of a hardware failure or glitch, you can then recover critical data and monitor backups.

Orchestrate Patch and Password Updates

Passwords can often be an area of frustration for many organizations. That is why it’s important to take the steps necessary to eliminate tedious deployments, enforce governance policies with ease, and know which systems need attention when vulnerabilities are discovered.

The VIGILIX Solution

For more than 15 years, VIGILIX has been delivering technologies to enable companies to succeed at remotely supporting the point-of-sale environment.

Our industry-specific technology detects service issues, initiates corrective actions, and alerts support managers to changing conditions immediately. Support teams, in turn, use our platform to access and control the POS systems from any location and any time safely and securely. Companies also use our platform to automatically back- up copies of their critical POS system data at our secure, PCI-compliant off-site data centers. This is the value of the VIGILIX platform; one solution equipped with the features you need.

You can learn more about VIGILIX and our platform by visiting our website.

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