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More Than Just Business, It's Your Future.

With VIGILIX, you can provide a premier level of service and support while realizing a new revenue stream.

A Technology, Service and Support Partner Who Cares About Your Success

Sophisticated technology is at the forefront of every industry’s major transformation over the last decade, and the Point-of-Sale industry is no exception. It is widely understood that organizations that choose to embrace and leverage technology will have a competitive advantage in the market. VIGILIX is leading the way in advanced service and support technology, and our partners reap the benefits of this. But its more than that.

Now, more than ever, people want to do business with organizations they trust, who have their back, and who are genuinely interested in their success. It’s more than business, it’s a personal relationship and commitment.

Our partners see VIGILIX in this way, whether they’re manufacturing the hardware, responsible for software, or providing options to an end-user for the best possible solution. We offer value beyond dollars. Partnering with VIGILIX not only means you’re at the forefront of the latest advancements in technology, service, and support, but you have a partner who truly cares.

The key players in the Point-of-Sale industry are seeing the advantages of a relationship with VIGILIX.

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Extreme Value for Value-Added Resellers

  • Improve Customer Service and Support
  • Increase Operational Efficiencies
  • and Receive Recurring Revenue Streams

A New World of Partnership

Insight and Data Management for ISVs

  • The Only PCI Certified, Multi-tenanted RMM Platform
  • Achieve Service and Support Clarity Through Data Analysis and Transparency
  • Reduce Service Costs and Increase Customer Satisfaction Through Better Support

Be More Profitable

Are you looking for a higher level of service accompanied by new streams of recurring revenue?

VIGILIX can be a valuable extension of your service and support team.

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