Improve Service and Support Increase Operational Efficiency Receive Recurring Revenue Streams

Extreme Value for Value-Added Resellers

Complete service and on-going support for your end-user’s point-of-sale environments.

As a Value-Added Reseller, your job doesn’t just end after the install. Your clients rely on you to help when critical issues arise. Our platform is the number one solution for total management of your customer’s point-of-sale environments.

With VIGILIX you can:

Through our platform, you can offer a premium service and support package to your end-users as a new revenue stream. In addition to this, you can create efficiencies in your own operation by allowing you to save time and resources. We are here for you, sharing insights and best practices, so you can grow your revenue, take better care of your customers, and create monthly recurring profit for your business.

Create life-long customer satisfaction by providing an issue-free, point-of-sale environment.

VIGILIX is the platform to distinguish you from your competition.

Are you looking for a higher level of service accompanied by new streams of recurring revenue?

VIGILIX can be a valuable extension of your service and support team.

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