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The Backbone of POS Technology Service and Support.

VIGLIX is the only PCI certified, remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform built specifically for point-of-sale.

One Secure Solution, Making You the Hero

VIGILIX is the RMM platform of choice for the largest and most progressive POS resellers and ISVs in North America. For over 15 years, our remote management platform has delivered unprecedented visibility into their customer networks, enabling our partners to thrive at remotely supporting point-of-sale environments. In essence, our partners know about potential issues before their customers do and can fix them before they care. This is the value of the VIGILIX platform; one solution equipped with the features you need.



Pro-Actively Monitor POS System Hardware and Software

with Sentry

The VIGILIX dashboard is the central place to manage your customers, enabling you to catch problems before they create issues for your customers.

Our platform is on-duty 24/7, keeping an eye on all your customers’ mission-central point-of-sale hardware and software systems. System alerts are sent as soon as an issue is detected – often before a major problem develops – giving you the advantage of time and insight. You are in control, with access to hundreds of pre-developed system health monitors.

  • Centrally manage your customers
  • Institute preventative maintenance practices
  • Reduce on-site travel costs and effort
  • Reduce call handling and average response times
  • Faster first-call resolution & increased customer satisfaction
  • Increase sales of support contracts with value-added offerings

PCI Certified Remote Access

with Connect

No one does remote monitoring and control for the point-of-sale environment quite like Vigilix does.

We are the only PCI Certified platform for remote access, no other remote control platform has passed the PCI-DSS security review. With built-in multi-factor authentication, secure password management, and audit reports, you can meet and exceed security requirements for PCI regulations with the click of a check box. Resell our PCI Certified Remote Access to your end-users through a simplified interface, at no additional cost to you.

  • Works in both attended and unattended access mode, no waiting around for customers
  • Automatic reporting on remote support sessions (a built-in, perpetual audit trail)
  • No port forwarding or inbound ports for increased security
  • Reduced travel costs without sacrificing hands-on support services
  • Resolve support issues faster for better utilization of your resources
  • Increase first call resolution.  Get it fixed, the first time!
  • Increase sales of support contracts and resell remote control to your end-user customers at no additional cost

Protect Critical Customer Data

with CYA

Now, more than ever, protecting your customer’s data is key to business continuity.

Lost or corrupted data is devastating to any operation. Our CYA has you covered by automatically collecting your customer’s critical data and securely copying it to the VIGILIX cloud, an off-site PCI-compliant data center. Your customers will absolutely want to budget this small monthly cost as a type of business insurance; meanwhile you collect additional recurring revenue for your business. And, in the event of a data disaster, you’ll be the hero who recovers it all.

  • Off-site data storage — no worries about theft, fire, tape failure, or hardware glitches
  • Data recoverable from any browser
  • Automatically monitored backups, with alerts generated in case of failure
  • Data stored in an AS 70 Type II certified facility
  • Constant protection for critical system data
  • Critical data is available for system recovery

Orchestrate Patch and Password Updates

with Manage

VIGILIX Manage provides visibility and control of your POS software, Windows patches, and third-party software.

Manage thousands of devices and locations and save countless hours of time. With Manage you can eliminate tedious deployments, enforce password governance policies with ease, and know which systems need attention when vulnerabilities are discovered. Create the new golden standard for service, while generating a new revenue stream for your business.

  • Orchestrate complicated roll outs with groups and scheduling
  • Report on Microsoft Windows patching
  • Reduce hours of manual effort
  • Automatically generate non-repeating passwords for users
  • Keep your customers up to date with less effort

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