We’ll give you the secret.

The secret to our tightest and most successful partnerships with the POS service and support organizations we serve is one simple question. The question says it all and speaks to the fact that we don’t ask our customers to fit in a one-size-fits-all sandbox…. Instead, we ask our customers, “What sandbox do you need us to build for you?”.

The question speaks to our white glove, high touch approach to every single Vigilix customer. It speaks to the knowledge that EVERY POS service organization and ISV has unique service needs and that every end-user needs to feel like they are the only customer.

THE question that Vigilix customers ask is, “Can Vigilix help with that?”.

This question should be asked at every single weekly service and support team meeting. When our customers discuss the top five most frequent help desk issues that keep rearing their ugly head, they ask, “Can Vigilix help with that?”. Simply put, if we don’t already have a pre-built solution in our arsenal to help you, we’ll build it for you. You can then rest easy knowing about an issue before your customer does so you can fix it before they care.

That’s what we do, almost every day. It’s an active and dynamic partnership because your customer relationships are active and dynamic. So, can Vigilix help with that? Yeah. Most likely we can.

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