Our Culture: Conscious Leadership

By: Andrew Kurtz

Our Culture: Conscious Leadership

Our Culture Series explores the guiding principles reflected in our company.

Understanding Where You Are

Today I am taking a slightly different approach. I’ve included a short video on conscious leadership. One important aspect of conscious leadership is awareness, both situational awareness and self-awareness, starting with the latter. 

The video introduces a concept called “The Line.” The line is a neutral representation of the current mindset of individuals, whether the mindset of ourselves, our co-workers, our partners, or our customers.

The thing is, no one is ever “on the line.” We are either above the line, in a positive mindset; or below the line, with a negative bias. Understanding where we are, or self-awareness, allows us to better control our reaction and response positively to situations.

Everyone spends times above and below the line. That is life. It is reality.

By having awareness of where we are and where those around us are, our ability to lead grows. The more time we can intentionally spend “above the line,” in a curious, growth-oriented, and creative place, the happier and more impactful and open we will be. 

Step one is becoming increasingly self-aware of whether we are currently above or below the line.

Whether this video reinforces your understanding or introduces a new concept, I hope it adds value to your life.

Andy Kurtz
President & CEO

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