Our Core Values: Impact

By: Andrew Kurtz

Our Core Values: Impact

This series explores our four core values with brief, high-level overviews of the meanings as well as the subtle nuances. We continue with Impact.

Consider the meaning of the word impact:

  • the effect or influence of one person, thing, or action on another;
  • having a strong effect on someone or something.

Impact can go in two directions, and hopefully it goes without saying that the real meaning for us is to have a positive impact. But likewise, it means we are doing something because it moves a needle, it creates a beneficial difference. There is a purpose. 

We are not doing something merely to do it, or because it benefits us, or it is cool. We are doing something because it has a larger positive impact.

We are doing something because it has a larger positive impact.

The target of having a positive impact that is most obvious is the impact we can have on our clients and customers. We want our products and services to have a positive impact on their business, improving the ability for them to achieve their goals and ultimately, having a positive impact on their future.

This leads to another important aspect of having an impact, which is understanding our clients and customers as deeply as possible. How can we ensure we have an impact if we don’t have understanding?

But impact doesn’t stop with our clients. As a company, our objective is to have a positive impact on our entire team, both in terms of career, but also regarding their overall lives.

There needs to be a positive impact to business ownership. Meaning, the business needs to be profitable. We should have a positive impact on our vendors and partners, as well as our community, state and region. And, important as any, we as a team should have a positive impact on each other.

In the end, if our efforts and actions have a positive impact, our future, and the future of those around us is stronger.

Change isn’t always smooth.

But despite change, our company can stay true to who we are and what got us here. In fact, continually thinking about our core values, using them as a guiding light, is more important than ever before as we face new challenges. As our team grows, we need to intentionally and regularly remember our core values.

Recognizing this, our plan is to incorporate reminders of our values into as many aspects of our internal communication and processes as possible. There’s great weight to these four words. This series shares thoughts, observations, and examples of how they are being lived within our company.

My ask of you: Understand these four deep but simple truths and seek to incorporate their ethos into your day-to-day. In return, you have every right to expect us to live up to these values and to call us out if we’re not.

Andrew Kurtz
President & CEO

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