VIGILIX Brings Globe POS Systems to the Next Level of Service and Support

VIGILIX Brings Globe POS Systems to the Next Level of Service and Support

VIGILIX is proud of our many customer success stories over the years. One such story is our relationship with Globe POS Systems.

Based in Toronto, Globe POS Systems has been providing system solutions since 1970. Their goal is to exceed expectations by offering outstanding products and services. They offer many easy-to-use, easy-to-manage point-of-sale (POS) systems, scales, printers, and more with an extensive array of administrative tools which enable their customers to effectively manage their products, customers, and cash flows.

Globe POS Systems is committed to delivering solutions that will provide businesses with a competitive edge. According to Paul Leduc, President of Globe POS Systems, one of those solutions is the VIGILIX platform. “I have known Colin Martin, the General Manager at VIGILIX, for a long time. But if I’m being honest, I didn’t understand the power of the VIGILIX offering until about a year ago,” he said. “Once we started to test the platform, we saw how it could help us prevent issues from affecting our customer’s POS environments.”

One of the biggest advantages that Globe POS Systems has seen as a result of implementing the VIGILIX platform has been in the area of preventative maintenance. For example, if a customer’s hard drive is getting full, the Globe POS team is now able to fix the issue before it doesn’t boot again. “Sentry, the monitoring tool within the VIGILIX platform, connects to our PSA and creates tickets when there is a problem,” Paul said. “From there, we can have someone look into it right away, so that the customer doesn’t even know they had a problem in the first place.”

The VIGILIX solution has been so efficient for Globe POS in the area of preventative maintenance that it has drastically decreased their number of weekly service and support calls. “With VIGILIX, I don’t wait for the customer to call me,” Paul said. “We went from a few hundred inbound customer support calls per week, to now less than ten.” By using the scripting solution within the VIGILIX platform, Globe POS can remotely support on many of these customer support issues so they can use their internal resources elsewhere.

Additionally, Globe POS Systems has full integration into the Toshiba monitoring process, which monitors the printer’s cutter, print heads, cash drawer kicks, and more. VIGILIX marries that information and advises Globe POS Systems when the cash drawer is starting to have issues. “In my first experience in using the VIGILIX platform, I called a customer and told them their kitchen printer was offline and they wouldn’t be able to take orders,” Paul said. “The customer was shocked, asking ‘how do you know that?!’ This made all the difference.”

The VIGILIX platform has also helped Globe POS Systems better serve their customers and make their lives easier, as they no longer have to call in a panic. VIGILIX also helps Globe POS Systems save time by enabling them to remotely monitor their customer’s POS environments, reducing on-site visits. “With VIGILIX, we are way more efficient,” Paul said. “We can quickly clear files and reboot the cache in 10-20 minutes and we’re good to go.”

Although Globe POS Systems is only using about 25-30% of the VIGILIX platform, they have experienced extreme benefits from incorporating it into their processes. They are looking forward to implementing even more of the VIGILIX platform into their business to continue helping their customers and build stronger relationships with them. “I would recommend VIGILIX to anyone. They have been a lifesaver for us,” Paul said. “VIGILIX has brought us a level of support and service that has taken us to the next level and allowed us to be more proactive.”


For more than 15 years, VIGILIX has been delivering technologies to enable companies to succeed at remotely supporting the point-of-sale environment.

Our industry-specific technology detects service issues, initiates corrective actions, and alerts support managers to changing conditions immediately. Support teams, in turn, use our platform to access and control the POS systems from any location and any time safely and securely. Companies also use our platform to automatically back- up copies of their critical POS system data at our secure, PCI-compliant off-site data centers.

We are a privately held, entrepreneurial company that has grown organically without the pressures and influences of outside investors. We believe in this: to do the right things and do things right.

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