Pro-Actively Monitor POS System Hardware and Software

Catch problems before they create issues for you and your customers.


“We provide a white glove remote monitoring and management service that enables our customers to do more with less.”

– Colin Martin, General Manager – VIGILIX

Your system health management needs are unique, and we give you what you need.

As opposed to other RMM providers who say “here is your box, now good luck,” VIGILIX asks what you want your box to look like and builds it to your specifications.

One central location to manage your POS systems and catch problems before they cause issues.

Our platform is on-duty 24/7, keeping an eye on all your customers’ mission-central point-of-sale hardware and software systems. Sentry provides system alerts that are sent as soon as an issue is detected – often before a major problem develops – giving you the advantage of time and insight. You are in control, with access to hundreds of pre-developed system health monitors.

Features of Sentry

Centrally Manage Customers

Centrally manage your customers within the Sentry platform.

Preventative Maintenance

Institute preventative maintenance practices with 24/7 system monitoring

System Alerts

System alerts are sent as soon as an issue is detected.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Alerts are sent before major problems develop, giving you the advantage of time and insight.

Increase Support Contract Sales

Increase sales of support contracts with value-added offerings, like pre-developed system health monitors.

Reduce Customer Support Costs

Reduce on-site travel costs and effort, and decrease call handling and average response times

Experience a white glove approach to point-of-sale health management.

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