Gain Visibility & Control of your POS systems with Manage

VIGILIX Manage provides visibility and control of your POS software, windows patches, and third-party software.


“We provide a white glove remote monitoring and management service that enables our customers to do more with less.”

– Colin Martin, General Manager – VIGILIX

Your system health management needs are unique, and we give you what you need.

As opposed to other RMM providers who say “here is your box, now good luck,” VIGILIX asks what you want your box to look like and builds it to your specifications.

Orchestrate Patch and Password Updates with Manage

Manage thousands of devices and locations and save countless hours of time. With Manage you can eliminate tedious deployments, enforce password governance policies with ease, and know which systems need attention when vulnerabilities are discovered. Create the new golden standard for service, while generating a new revenue stream for your business.

Features of Manage

Orchestrate Roll Outs

Orchestrate complicated roll outs with groups and scheduling.

Microsoft Windows Patching

Report on Microsoft Windows patching.

Improve Efficiency

Reduce hours of manual effort by understanding which systems need attention.

Password Support

Automatically generate non-repeating passwords for users.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Keep your customers up-to-date with less effort.

Manage Thousands of Devices

Manage thousands of devices and locations and save countless hours of time.

Experience a white glove approach to point-of-sale health management.

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