Protect Critical Customer Data with CYA

There’s never been a more important time to C.Y.A. against cyber attacks.


Protecting your customer data
has never been more critical.


1 out of 20 POS machines are going to fail or be attacked by malware this year.


This means that 5% of all POS machines will require disaster recovery or have some incident that will require full data recovery.

We provide a white glove remote monitoring and management service that enables our customers to do more with less.

Your system health management needs are unique, and we give you what you need.

As opposed to other RMM providers who say “here is your box, now good luck,” VIGILIX asks what you want your box to look like and builds it to your specifications.

A Data Recovery Solution That Makes You The Hero

(And yes, CYA means exactly what you think it means)

Now, more than ever, protecting your customer’s data is key to business continuity. Lost or corrupted data is devastating to any operation. Our CYA solution has you covered by automatically collecting your customer’s critical data and securely copying it to the VIGILIX cloud, an off-site PCI-compliant data center.

Your customers will absolutely want to budget this small monthly cost as a type of business insurance; meanwhile, you collect additional recurring revenue for your business. And, in the event of a data disaster, you’ll be the hero who recovers it all.

Features of CYA

File-Based Backup

Critical data and files are available for system recovery. Ensure there’s no loss of work or effort due to a corrupted hard drive or broken computer.

Image-Based Backup

You can restore your system exactly as it was without the time and effort of having to rebuild your system from the ground up.

Off Site Data Storage

No worries about theft, fire, tape failure, or hardware glitches. Data is stored in an AS 70 Type II certified facility.

Automatically Monitored Backup

Backups are automatically monitored, giving you peace of mind. You can even configure generated alerts in case of failure.

Browser Compatibility

Recover all of your data from any browser.

Be the Hero

If a data disaster does occur, you’ll be the hero of the office with a backup and recovery plan already in place.

Experience a white glove approach to point-of-sale health management.

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