PCI Certified Remote Access with Connect

The only PCI-Certified Remote Monitoring and Management platform built specifically for point-of-sale.


“We take a white glove approach to point-of-sale system health management.”

– Colin Martin, General Manager – VIGILIX

Your system health management needs are unique, and we give you what you need.

As opposed to other RMM providers who say “here is your box, now good luck,” VIGILIX asks what you want your box to look like and builds it to your specifications.

We Willingly Complete a 3rd Party Security Audit – For Your Benefit.

We are the only PCI Certified platform for remote access, no other remote control platform has passed the PCI-DSS security review. But what does that actually mean?

Passing a 3rd party security audit isn’t rocket science – but it does take a lot of time and resources. Our competitors could complete this certification as well, but they don’t.

Our customers benefit from our PCI certification because the process makes us better. Every year when we complete our certification, we tighten up our platform and processes to better serve our customers.

With built-in multi-factor authentication, secure password management, and audit reports, you can meet and exceed security requirements for PCI regulations with the click of a check box. Resell our PCI Certified Remote Access to your end-users through a simplified interface, at no additional cost to you.

Features of Connect

Attended & Unattended Access

Works in both attended and unattended access mode. No waiting around for customers.

Automatic Reporting

Automatic reporting on remote support sessions (a built-in, perpetual audit trail)

Increased Security

No port forwarding or inbound ports for increased security

Reduced Travel Costs

Reduce travel costs without sacrificing hands-on support services

Increase First-Call Resolution

Fix issues the first time. Resolve support issues faster for better utilization of resources.

Increase Support Contract Sales

Resell remote control to your end-user customers at no additional cost.

Are you looking for a higher level of service accompanied by new streams of recurring revenue?

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