Our Core Values: Simplify

By: Andrew Kurtz

Our Core Values: Simplify

This series explores our four core values with brief, high-level overviews of the meanings as well as the subtle nuances. We conclude with Simplify.

Webster’s succinct summary of the word simplify is as follows:

  • to make easier to do or understand.

Those who have known me for a long time know that I try to preach simplicity. The reason stems from my experiences in delivering successful, and sometimes unsuccessful, solutions.

A great friend and early mentor shared with me the concept that “every successful complicated system started as a successful simple system”. I have found this maxim to also be true — but not just in terms of delivering software solutions. I have found it to be true in almost every system.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Simplicity should permeate everything we do. Our solutions should solve the problem as simply as possible. Our product pricing should be simple to understand. Our processes should be as simplistic as possible while still delivering the structure we need.

We should be straightforward to work with while still holding firm the elements critical for mutual success.

Early in my career I was amazed by complicated things. But over the years, I have come to truly appreciate the ability to make the complicated appear simple. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Change isn’t always smooth.

But despite change, our company can stay true to who we are and what got us here. In fact, continually thinking about our core values, using them as a guiding light, is more important than ever before as we face new challenges. As our team grows, we need to intentionally and regularly remember our core values.

Recognizing this, our plan is to incorporate reminders of our values into as many aspects of our internal communication and processes as possible. There’s great weight to these four words. This series shares thoughts, observations, and examples of how they are being lived within our company.

My ask of you: Understand these four deep but simple truths and seek to incorporate their ethos into your day-to-day. In return, you have every right to expect us to live up to these values and to call us out if we’re not.

Andrew Kurtz
President & CEO

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