It Just Keeps Getting Better, A New UI For Our Beloved Platform

It Just Keeps Getting Better, A New UI For Our Beloved Platform

There is no doubt in our mind, VIGILIX is the best RMM platform in the market, going beyond the term, “RMM” even. We have truly defined a new space. One of our clients told us, “I hate to just call it remote access, there is so much to it. It’s more of a total solution.”

Continuous Improvements are Critical

For VIGILIX, our greatest need for improvement was our user interface (UI) design. You know, that fancy term for how a platform looks aesthetically, which can impact user experience. Our platform, while impressive in function, was… well, we might as well come out and say it: it was kind of ugly. UI/UX design has come a long way in the last 5-10 years and trends have changed – it is no longer function over form, it is a blending of both design and functionality as the expectation. As we continue to evolve in the way we use technology on the go, it also begs the need for a better experience for mobile.

You may see where we’re headed here.This is both an announcement and a story. The announcement is this…

VIGILIX will be launching a new user interface design for our beloved platform.

We are still the same platform you love, just with a face-lift and improved usability. The VIGILIX development team has been working on this for the last eight months, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. As such, we’re excited to bring this excellent news to our community of valued partners, and those considering our platform.

We started this endeavor with a few goals in mind:

  1. This was just a re-skin – all functionality remains the same. Our platform rocks, and the same functionality should be met with…
  2. A new, beautiful, user-friendly design
  3. A rollout plan that was not intrusive whatsoever to our customers daily operations activities.

Our New UI Design Process

We started our journey with artist renderings that identified a few conceptual options for look and feel. We then narrowed the design down to one concept and continued to build it out. Once we saw the new user interface design, there was no going back. It became the vision and personal mission our Senior Developer, Steven Hanna, to see this come to fruition. So he and his team of developers went to work, devising the development plan for implementing this new major milestone for the VIGILIX platform.

After several months of development work, it started to take shape. But it wasn’t all butterflies and rainbows. Like the old proverb says, “iron sharpens iron,” and this development project was the perfect example. There were differences in opinion, a bit of professional tension, and a lot of collaboration and debate.

As more eyes were on the progress of the progress, different perspectives became apparent. The question was this: Were we headed in the right direction? And it came to this conclusion: the development team had to shift gears and re-work portions of the platform. But in the final stages of design, the team pulled it off.

“Changes and iterations are inevitable in a project like this. But in the end, the entire VIGILIX development team came together and got it done.” – Steven Hanna, Senior Developer

And with that, the VIGILIX platform got an upgrade and we started the field-testing process.

A Non-disruptive, Intentional Rollout Plan

Most of our customers have been with VIGILIX for many years, and as such, are used to using and seeing the platform in a certain way. We did not want to shock anyone saying, “Ta da, here it is.”

Our soft launch plan was this:

  • We selected 5 – 10 of our heaviest-users at a time in several different waves.
  • We reached out to them individually and let them know what we’ve been up to.
  • We gave them access to the new platform with their same data – just visualized in a different way, while still having access to the old login (old skin).
  • We asked for their honest feedback.

We wanted to be 100% certain that this update would only have a positive impact with our user community.

We are thrilled to report that our soft launch was very well-received. Each customer uses the platform differently and their initial feedback was extremely helpful. It took us several weeks to comb through it all, but we are proud to confirm that over 90% of those recommended changes were acted upon by the VIGILIX development team.

A Proud Team

Colin Martin, VIGILIX General Manager, recounts his involvement in the project saying,

“Working with the team to give the VIGILIX platform a new face and to dramatically improve the user experience has been an adventure, both enjoyable and worthwhile. Our team did an amazing job, taking the utmost care in introducing this to our customers.”

The official new UI will be rolled out to all customers before the end of the summer – with both user interface skins accessible. If you have any questions or comments about the new VIGILIX user interface, please email

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