Getting Ahead of Your Customer Needs and Ahead of the Competition

By: Colin Martin

Getting Ahead of Your Customer Needs and Ahead of the Competition

Retail Control Solutions (RCS) has been serving the restaurant and hospitality marketplace since 1990 and is one of the fastest-growing restaurant Point-of-Sale resellers in the United States.

They have thousands of restaurant Point-of-Sale and Video Surveillance installations in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Georgia. How did they manage to grow so large, while still providing exceptional customer service AND make money at the same time?

One of the secrets to their success is RCS’s ability to spot new technologies adopt them before the herd. This gives them the ability to stay ahead of their clients’ needs and ahead of the competition.

The Vigilix POS Remote Support platform is a great example. RCS heard about Vigilix long before most and jumped at the opportunity to install the Vigilix Remote Monitoring solution on their clients’ Restaurant POS Systems. So, while their competitors were waiting for clients to call them when something stopped working, RCS was identifying and fixing issues even BEFORE their clients knew there was a problem.

Within the first two weeks of RCS installing the Vigilix POS-Sentry remote monitoring solution, RCS got an automated notification alerting them that the hard drive at one of their customer sites was filling up fast. They were at a critical level of space left on the drive and, left unaddressed, could have potentially caused some issues with the system. But the RCS techs were able to remotely access the hard-drive to temporarily create more space and used that situation to convince their client to purchase a larger hard drive.

“The most prevalent problem we catch are sites that have full size back up PCs that are sharing monitors with other devices,” said Matt Levy, RCS Support Development Manager. “On a number of occasions, the PC is off without the customer knowing it. We get alerted by Vigilix and are able to call the customer to let them know. We love making those kinds of calls because it shows them that we’re on-the-ball.”

Matt said that RCS is also putting the Vigilix POS-Sentry solution on the DVR boxes that clients use to store their video surveillance recordings. “The DVRs are sometimes put in a lockbox with no monitor,” Matt explained. “Our agents are also monitoring the temperature on the PC for the DVR. When we get an alert that the box is in danger of overheating we can shut down remotely as needed.”

But that’s just the beginning. The POS-Sentry monitoring solution can be easily configured to generate dozens of different kinds of POS-related alerts, depending upon the level of service you want to provide, and how much extra you want to charge for your value-added offerings.

Matt shared that one particular problem that comes up frequently with his customers is critical software services not running. “For example, if the credit card software isn’t running, we get the alert from the Vigilix monitoring agents, and we can call the customer and let them know… or fix the situation ourselves, depending on the service contract. Either way, the customers really appreciate it.”

And when your customers appreciate you, they become your raving fans. And help you grow. Like RCS. And like Vigilix.

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