Be Your Clients’ Guardian Angel With Vigilix POS-Connect

POS-Connect - File Transfer

POS-Connect – File Transfer

When problems arise with the POS systems at a restaurant, hotel or retail store, it’s usually a crisis. The POS system is the life-blood of most clients in the hospitality space, and when something goes wrong it literally can bring the business to a grinding halt.

That’s why you need a way to access your clients’ POS system any time, from anywhere and with a solution that won’t compromise the PCI-Compliance of the system.

Vigilix POS-Connect is the only Remote Access and Support solution from a company that specializes in the POS industry. Our two-factor authentication means that you can safely access your clients’ systems even when they are not there, without breaching any security protocols.

Use the Vigilix platform to create a variety of levels of value-added monthly service offerings. Charge a premium for 24/7 coverage. Use POS-Sentry to send you alerts. Set a standard first response time — 2 hours, for example — for issues, and then charge more if the client wants or needs faster response time. Or, better yet, resell POS-Connect to your clients so that they can have PCI-CERTIFIED remote access into their own systems. We make it easy to differentiate yourself and make more money with the Vigilix platform.

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