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Vigilix Gives the OEM Tools to
Manage Your Installed Base

For more than a decade, Vigilix, LLC, has been delivering technologies to enable companies to succeed at remotely supporting the point-of-sale environment. Our industry-specific technology can detect service issues, initiate corrective action, and alert support managers to changing conditions via telephone, email or pager. Support teams can use our tools to safely and securely access and control POS systems from any location and at any time. Companies use our tools to automatically back-up copies of their critical POS system data at our secure, PCI-compliant, off-site data centers.

We value our relationship with our partners, recognizing that you are critical to our future. We put your success first!

Vigilix has developed a series of tools to help Channel Partners manage their customer base.

  • Vigilix allows you to sell or offer Maintenance and Service Contracts.
  • Some OEMs embed Vigilix into their systems prior to shipping.
  • Some OEMs embed Vigilix tools into their POS systems so Channel Partners can offer the tools for Sale.
  • Vigilix has tools for you to Monitor, Alert, Fix, and Analyze remote POS issues at your customer.
  • Manage customers’ POS by getting yellow and red alarms before the customer knows there are issues.
  • Fix Issues before the customer calls and has system complaints.
  • Roll Less Trucks to fix problems that can be fixed remotely.

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Vigilix is constantly developing tools for resellers and Channel Partners.

  • Tools to help build and maintain margins.
  • Tools to help keep our customers competitive.
  • Tools range from customized marketing collateral to aggressively priced solution bundles.

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Set yourself apart!

  • Vigilix knows the companies who are winning the most new business.
  • Vigilix knows which companies are keeping their customers longer.
  • With Vigilix’s three different remote support tools to either resell or use yourself, you can deliver your own brand of value-added support services.

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Vigilix Remote Tools gives you, the Partner, the ability to offer Managed Services.

  • Vigilix tools are designed for you to offer, sell, and even private label.
  • If you’ve been wanting to embrace the POS Managed Services concept Vigilix has an answer for you.
  • Our tools include remote backup services, as well as remote monitoring services.
  • Let’s talk about how our customers, the OEMs and Channel Partners are profiting with Vigilix tools.

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Vigilix helps you become the best service provider in the industry.

  • Vigilix helps you earn more margins using our sales tools.
  • Vigilix is constantly developing new tools for our channel partners.
  • Vigilix allows you to create new streams of recurring revenue, higher levels of service, and more predictability to your business.

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Vigilix helps you deliver value-added support services that becomes a profit center for you.

  • Monitor usage of your applications and feed that data to your sales team to grow your accounts.
  • All of our tools are PCI-compliant.
  • Your support team can monitor your application running on your users’ networks, all within the mandated security guidelines.

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Value-added services sets you apart from all other companies selling POS solutions.

  • Vigilix knows the companies who are winning the most new business.
  • Vigilix knows the companies who are keeping their customers longer.
  • Vigilix has three different remote support tools that you can resell or use yourself to deliver your own brand of value-added support services.

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Vigilix Gives You the Tools
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