Be Your Clients’ Watch-Dog With Vigilix POS-Sentry

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POS-Sentry Customer Alert Screen

Your competitors might do a great job of specifying the hardware and software for a POS solution, and maybe even get it right during implementation and training. But that’s usually where the relationship ends — or takes a turn for the worse — with most POS resellers.

For them, it’s feast or famine depending on how many clients happen to call when, and with what type of problem. Sometimes these companies have techs who are literally sitting around, waiting for the phone to ring with a client reporting something has broken or gone awry. Other times, the entire support team is underwater grappling with multiple issues, while the queue of open support tickets grows ever larger.

POS-Sentry fixes this scenario for both you and your client. Install our small software “agents” on your clients’ computers, and they will alert you as soon as anything goes wrong. This allows you to be pro-active with your support, rather than reactive. You’ll start fixing things even before your client knows that there has been a problem. And, you’ll catch all those nasty little issues that you can knock-off in minutes — like a hard-drive filling up — before it turns into something really big that takes hours or days to fix.

Use this solution to create a monthly network and POS monitoring service, and offer up two flavors: a lower-level, less expensive service where alerts go right to your clients (such as notifications that the credit card transactions didn’t post); and a higher level service where you get the alerts and address the problem remotely using Vigilix POS-Connect. Either way, you’re looking at the opportunity to create new streams of recurring revenue, higher levels of service, and more predictability to your business.

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