Vigilix. Empowering Remote Support And Protection For Point-Of-Sale Environments

Andrew Kurtz - CEO of Vigilix

Andrew Kurtz
CEO of Vigilix

For more than a decade, Vigilix LLC has been delivering technologies to enable companies to succeed at remotely supporting the point-of-sale environment. Our industry-specific technology can detect service issues, initiate corrective action, and alert support managers to changing conditions via telephone, email or pager. Support teams, in turn, can use our platform to safely and securely access and control the POS systems from any location and any time. Companies also use our platform to automatically back-up copies of their critical POS system data at our secure, PCI-compliant off-site data centers.

We are a privately-held, entrepreneurial company that has grown organically without the pressures and influences of outside investors. We happily trade a giant marketing war-chest in favor of the autonomy to do the right things, and do things right.

We are based in Greenville, SC., located in a very cool high-tech facility with other entrepreneurial enterprises like us. Our goal is to protect mission-critical point-of-sale resources from costly interruptions. We are in business to improve our customers’ productivity, reduce costly downtime and increase their operational efficiency. This goal was established early on by Vigilix CEO Andrew Kurtz, and is based on his values:

To Our Partners

We value our relationship with our partners, recognizing that you are critical to our future. That means that we put your success above our profits.

To Our Culture

Above all else we value integrity, recognizing that trust is the pillar upon which everything else is built. We continually strive to build a company that is respected, trusted, and honorable.

To Our Employees

We value your skills and talents and are committed to fostering your professional development. We value your need to maintain personal balance. We recognize that you are simultaneously a co-worker, customer, supplier, family, and individual. We value our strength as a team. We recognize that by using our combined strengths we overcome individual weaknesses.

To Our Community

We value the community in which we work and live, and are committed to having a positive impact through the contribution of our time and resources.